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  1. Details to our projects you'll find in the company profile in pdf-format.
    Click on the PDF-Symbol for download.

    ÖMV (Refinery Schwechat)

    RAG (Crude oil, natural gas)

    KREMSMÜLLER (Industrial plants)

    AGA VIENNA (Gas storage)

    UTW (Environmental technology)

    SULZER (District heating, industrial plants, sewage water, environmental technology)

    PURATOR (Environmental technology)

    VAM (District heating, industrial plants, environmental technology)

    PETROCHEMIE SCHWECHAT (Chemical - and petrochemical systems)

    ITALIMPIANTI (Industrial oven)

    HALLEIN PAPIER AG (Pulp and paper)

    EFFEM (Mars - USA)

    KESSEL LOOS (Vessels, power plants)

    ÖBB (Austrian railway)

    AE&E (Power plants, environment, steel constructions)

    LUGNER (Building trade)

    UNIVERSALE (Building trade)

    BBU (Mineing)

    PALFINGER (Cranes)



    PROJEKTBAU (Building trade)


    OMV Erdgas (Petrol and Gas)

    UNISTAHL (District heating, industrial plants, environmental technology)

    ALLPLAN (Engineering Company)

    VAMED (Hospitals International)

    EVN AG (Gas and Current)

    WIENGAS (Vienna Gas)

    BAKALOWITS (Steel constructions)

    ÖSTERREICHISCHE ROHRBAU (Industrial plants, environmental technology)

    VOEST-ALPINE CONSULTING ENGINEERING (Industrial plants, environmental technology)

    BGV (Public Buildings)

    HBV (Austrian Army)

    DI Deschka (Architect)

    KCS (Industrial Plants)

    AMRO GmbH (Industrial Plants)

    Herbsthofer (Industrial Plants)